The Prophetic Voice of God
The Prophetic Voice of God
Learning to Recognize the Language of the Holy Spirit

Every believer can hear God’s Voice!

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Lana Vawser takes you on a wild prophetic adventure with God!

Prophetic revivalist preacher and author, Lana Vawser empowers you to hear God for yourself by tuning in to how he is uniquely speaking to you!

Through easy-to-understand, revelatory teaching and powerful stories, Lana illustrates how God has created all believers to hear His voice in their own unique way.

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Learn to Hear the Holy Spirit’s Voice

• Experience a Breaker Anointing: The simple, practical teaching will break off the fear, striving and anxiety that many feel when it comes to hearing God speak prophetically.

• Demystify the Prophetic: Lana makes prophetic hearing accessible to anyone, no matter who you are or what context you come from.

• Discern the Prophetic Voice of God: Learn how to identify freshly spoken words from God and decipher the many different forms they can come in—signs, symbols, numbers, coincidences, pictures, and more.

• Receive Impartation and Revelation: You will be activated to look and listen for God’s prophetic voice everywhere.

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